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About Patriot Epoxy

Our mission at Patriot Epoxy is simple: to provide the best quality products and services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our concrete refinishing services. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

What Makes us Different?

Professional Installers

Our installation team is made up of our own employees, not contractors. They have been through an external certification process to be recognized as an expert within the field.


You will be well-informed through each step of the process.  We send reminders leading up to your installation date. Our friendly and professional team keeps you in the know.

Premium Products

Our products are premium solutions within the industry. Each is low odor, UV-stable, and high solids, meaning the thickness of the coating will not shrink as it dries.

Quality Work

Our floors are properly coated and flaked. We take our time to make sure you see a full layer of flakes, not the basecoat or your old concrete.

Proven Track Record

  • 250+ Jobs Completed

  • 200k+ SQFT Installed

  • 5.0 Star on Google




We diamond grind the concrete to create a surface that will provide maximum adhesion for years to come. Any cracks are filled, then feather-edged.

Grinding 1


Vacuum 1.jpeg

Our team meticulously cleans the floor, vacuuming up all dust and debris in preparation for the basecoat.


Our low-odor basecoat is spread and rolled evenly over the entire area. The basecoat provides superior adhesion and the best visual appearance, allowing the flakes to completely cover the basecoat.

Spreading epoxy


Throwing flakes

A full broadcast of flakes is applied. Every inch of the space will have excess flakes so that no spots are missed.


After the basecoat is dry, we sweep up excess flakes before scraping the floor in a cross-hatch pattern. Any flakes that were standing vertical are removed to ensure a flat floor that is comfortable to walk on.




After all excess flakes are removed and the floor vacuumed again, we apply a polyaspartic topcoat and backroll it. This layer completely seals in the flakes, making the floor durable, hygenic, UV-stable, chemical resistant, and easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Patriot Epoxy?

We have carefully chosen our teammates, products, and processes to ensure the job is done right the first time, and that your floor lasts a lifetime. 

What is the process?

Once you submit a form online, call, or email, one of our friendly staff will contact you immediately to set up a time to visit. We come to see your space, talk through color options, take measurements, and get you on the schedule. We will arrive promptly on the scheduled date, convey our process and timeline, then begin work. When work is completed, a final walk-through will be done to ensure your satisfaction!

Is your coating better than a DIY kit?

Absolutely! DIY kits use an acid wash to prepare the surface, come with only a few flakes, use an extremely thin coating, and have no protective topcoat. We professionally prepare the floor using a diamond grinder and our products are far superior, offering extreme durability. Our floors will resist hot tire pickup and will not chip or flake away like the others.

Where can I find your color options?

We offer more than 200 colors and styles. 

How long will it take to complete the installation?

For jobs less than 600 square feet, only one day! Larger spaces or special situations may require more days. 

What is your warranty?

Our residential flake system comes with a lifetime warranty that covers you against cracking, peeling, delamination, and other workmanship or product issues. 

Do I need to take everything out of the space?

Yes, please. We suggest renting a small trailer or box truck for a couple of days while work is completed. If you need us to remove items, let us know. For garages, we will work around water heaters, steps, and other permanent structures.

How do you prepare the concrete?

We mechanically grind all floors to ensure proper adhesion. The alternative, acid etching, just isn't reliable in providing flake-free floors.

What type of floor will be installed?

There are multiple base coats on the market that have proven reliable. We tailor the base coat specifically to the needs of your floor, whether that be an epoxy or polyaspartic base coat. No matter which basecoat is selected, it will be topped with a high-solids polyaspartic topcoat (12X harder than concrete) to provide extreme durability, UV stability, abrasion, and chemical resistance.

What should I do if I have a problem?

If you experience any product, application, or service issues, please contact us immediately. We are committed to a perfect customer experience every time!

How do I clean my new floor?

Wipe up any automotive fluids, sweep or blow out as needed, and mop occasionally with warm water.

Operating Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

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