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Restaurant Coatings

Restaurants, bars, breweries, and commercial kitchens have a variety of flooring needs,

each with their own unique challenges. Patriot Epoxy delivers solutions to meet each need!


Ensure the safety of your teammates, vendors, and customers. Accidents involving slips and falls can result in serious injuries and loss of time for those who matter the most to us.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining our floors is a breeze. Simply sweep, vacuum, mop, or spray them down. They won't stain, chip, or crack. Also 100% antimicrobial!

Tougher than Concrete

Dragging chairs and dropping pans on our floors won't cause damage. Our superior coatings are specially formulated for restaurants so you know they are built to last!


Floors in the kitchen provide an optimal level of functionality, but dining rooms must tie in with your aesthetic. Among the more than 50 colors and styles that we offer are quartz, chipped stone, and marble.

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